Lean Leadership Development Can Tackle the Trouble of the “I’m Too Busy” Response

Lean Leadership Development Can Tackle the Trouble of the “I’m Too Busy” Response

June 22, 2019 // Michael Oswald

The key to any continuous improvement in a work culture is leadership’s ability to be available to develop and support their team. However, in many organizations, employees are often told by leaders: “I am too busy. My schedule is already overloaded!” This not only puts a block on improvement but creates a severe gap in workflow and scheduling.

Time management is an issue for an entire organization. If it starts at the top, it will surely trickle down to affect others. Problem solving to create desired leadership behaviors is one way to create an ideal work environment and a standard of work that will alleviate this.

The key step in this problem solving is understanding the gap between future state and current state. Here is a method that can help you understand that gap and really focus on what you feel is important in your week:

Spend some time thinking deeply about what you should be spending your time on. Write down four or five main things. Got it? Ok. Set these aside for now.

Next, track everything you do, and how long you spend on it. Do this for an entire week (two weeks if you can). Once you have this, compare it to your list of what you felt you should be spending your time on. Here is where you will see and understand your gaps between what you should be doing and what you are doing.

Now you can start to problem solve. Start with a weekly plan. And when you create your plan make sure it includes time for the important items. Stop or reduce the time spent on the rest. You should set time aside for the things that you determine are important. Here’s a bonus tip: don’t forget to leave some time free during the week for any unexpected important items that may arise.

Now, as a leader, you’ve created standard work for yourself that benefits both you and your company.

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